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Facing the criminal justice system can be a terrifying prospect. A criminal conviction can result in incarceration. Partnering with a certified criminal defense specialist can help you protect your rights. John Trebon P.C. is prepared to provide assistance to clients near Flagstaff, AZ, and the surrounding areas. As your criminal defense lawyer, he’s committed to guiding you throughout your case.

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John will fight diligently to defend your rights; partner with him to receive reliable legal advice.

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If you’re facing criminal charges, then it’s important not to panic. Don’t speak to the police without your criminal defense attorney present; while you should cooperate with them when you can, speaking to them about anything may result in the information being used against you. Remain polite, but invoke your right to remain silent and to legal cousnel.

John is an experienced attorney who provides his clients with stalwart support and reliable representation. When you work with him, he’ll begin by talking with you to get a better understanding of your charges. From there, he’ll help you determine the best course of action, gather evidence, and otherwise prepare to assist you. He has settled hundreds of cases and conducted many jury trials; this means that he is prepared to assist with your situation, whatever path you decide to take. Partner with him and see how he can help.

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If you’ve been looking for criminal defense attorneys near Flagstaff, AZ, then consider contacting John Trebon P.C. John can assist with a wide range of criminal defense cases, including domestic violence charges, drug charges, and internet crimes. He has years of experience as a criminal defense attorney and will fight aggressively to defend your rights. If you’d like to learn more about how he can assist you, then consider calling today for a free consultation.