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Our Firm's History in Flagstaff, AZ

Our mission is to provide high quality, vigorous representation, but at an affordable, competitive price. Our motto has always been that “we will stand up for your rights.”
John Trebon earned double degrees from the University of Arizona, first graduating with a degree in Business Economics and second as a Juris Doctorate from law school. Since then, he has practiced law full-time in Arizona.

During law school, Mr. Trebon spent a semester in the South (GA & Ala.) working with the Southern Property Law Center and the Law Students Civil Rights Research Council fighting the unjust imposition of the death penalty. Since then, Mr. Trebon has continued to fight the death penalty, serving for more than a decade on the Board of the Arizona Capital Representation Project. He has successfully pursued a federal habeas corpus action to free an inmate from death row by overturning his conviction and successfully avoided the death penalty in another case after his client was convicted of capital murder at trial with a different lawyer.

Mr. Trebon now serves on the Board of the Arizona Innocence Project and has acted as a lead, volunteer lawyer for the Innocence Project in cases filed in Court. One of our cases is now pending before the Arizona Court of Appeals, which attacks the used of “junk science” in court.

Mr. Trebon's background and professional endeavors supports his mission statement and goal of vigorously representing clients to achieve justice by placing his clients first.

About Our Law Firm

John Trebon has been practicing law in Flagstaff for more than fifteen years. The focus of his practice is on personal injury, wrongful death, criminal defense and civil rights.