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Mr. Trebon has represented clients in personal injury, wrongful death and civil rights cases for twenty years. He has not only settled hundreds of cases; but he has conducted jury trials as well. In fact, one of the first personal injury cases he tried for an injured client resulted in a verdict of more than three million dollars, the highest known award in Coconino County at the time.
Mr. Trebon sits on the Board of Directors of the Arizona Trial Lawyers Association (also known as Arizona Attorneys for Justice), a group dedicated to civil justice for victims suffering from injury, crime or negligence of others. He is active in protecting the rights of Arizona Citizens.

Mr. Trebon is a member of the Million Dollar Advocates Forum and remains committed to obtaining full recovery for victims injured by others, including civil rights, personal injury, medical malpractice, and victims of abuse or crime.

Mr. Trebon believes that confusing marketing and potential deception are worse now than ever, particularly in light of the internet. He receives calls almost every month from some new or existing company promising to supply his firm with referrals if he only pays a monthly fee. Many times, the company has little or nothing to do with the practice of law. Instead, they launch a television and/or internet campaign, capture the attention of unwary consumers, and then sell their “referrals” to law firms that pay monthly fees. While the ads may be polished and full of glitter, it may not represent the best way to choose a lawyer.
Motorcycle accidents, for instance, are lately garnering much attention. Although the Arizona State Bar does not give a specialty for motorcycle accidents, marketing ads focus on them. John Trebon, P.C. has not only handled motorcycle accidents, but Mr. Trebon has a motorcycle license and has owned and operated a motorcycle for years. He may be in a unique position to handle motorcycle accidents as well.

Of course you should be careful in retaining a law firm. Modern marketing has made the choice more difficult. Fancy ads are often produced by the marketers, who then refer cases to lawyers who pay monthly fees. In short, the best ads don't necessarily represent the best lawyers. We suggest that it is preferable to hire a local lawyer after meeting with him/her and personally asking neighbors and friends about his/her reputation. Most of Mr. Trebon's cases are referrals from people who know the quality of his representation.